The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation welcomes the news of the issuing of red notices by Interpol
against Atul and Rajesh Gupta, two of the three prominent members of the Gupta family. The
Gupta family, who are fugitives from justice fled South Africa and are believed to be living
in Dubai. On 9 July 2021, an extradition treaty pursuing the Gupta brothers accused of
corruption was signed by the United Arab Emirates and South Africa.
The red notice strengthens the case and the ongoing fight against corruption, marking an
important step towards ensuring that the implicated Gupta family members are extradited and
Executive Director at the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, Neeshan Balton welcomed the recent
developments by Interpol adding that the red notices against the brothers served as a strong
indicator that the time has come for those at the heart of state capture and grand corruption to
answer for their alleged corrupt activities and face the consequences of their acts.
“The issuing of red notices come as a culmination of constructive pressure, sustained focus
and efforts by civil society who have been instrumental in working closely with law
enforcement agencies and the prosecuting authorities to secure the Gupta brother’s arrests”,
said Balton.
“The Gupta brothers stand accused of crimes that cannot go unpunished and they are not out
of reach of law enforcement. On that basis, we urge law enforcement agencies to work a lot
faster and proactively in ensuring accountability and justice”.
As it stands, the red notices sought by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) are for the
Nulane Investment fraud as well as money laundering case.
A red notice is a formal request to law enforcement agencies worldwide to locate and
provisionally arrest a person awaiting extradition or similar legal action. While the red
notices issued for Atul and Rajesh Gupta are not formal arrest warrants, an arrest by Interpol
can be affected. The red notice will also limit their travel and allow for effective tracking of
their whereabouts. This is an important step towards ensuring their successful extradition and
prompt prosecution.

This announcement comes as a culmination of efforts by South African law enforcement
authorities. We express gratitude to the National Prosecuting Authority and in particular
Hermione Cronje, Head of the Investigating Directorate, who made this announcement on her
last day in office.
The Foundation expresses its displeasure that the red notices were not extended to the wives
of Atul and Rajesh, Arthi and Chetali, despite the clear linkages to their involvement in the
alleged crime. We disagree with the notion that Atul and Rajesh are solely responsible and
call on Interpol to extend the red notice to Arthi and Chetali Gupta, ensuring all those
involved in the alleged crime face prosecution.
On International Anti-Corruption Day, marked on December 9, the Ahmed Kathrada
Foundation spearheaded an international campaign calling for the successful extradition of
the Guptas to South Africa to account for their alleged involvement in state capture. The
campaign is supported by local and international organisations and activists such as OUTA,
Corruption Watch, Action for Southern Africa, International Lawyers Project, Shadow World
Investigations, Human Rights First and Lord Peter Hain.



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