Association of muslim schools (ams)

To the Laloo Family/Ahmed Kathrada Foundation

The AMS Gauteng/Northern Province Exco expresses its heartfelt condolences to all felt by the sadness of the passing of Comrade Lalo ‘Isu’ Chiba.His passing away is inexpressible. He was a comrade and close associate of many members in our Association.His commitment to the core values of promoting social justice through dialogue was unshakeable. He was a stern critic, and a very wise counsellor to many. His life was inspiring and informing a rejection, right to the end, of the abuse of power in any form.As the last of the Mandela veterans, he was always caring, gentle, brave loyal and committed. Words cannot describe or express all the feelings of many who meant so much to him. He was principled to the end, and will always be sadly missed by all.

Tamil Federation of Gauteng

Vanakkam/Namaste/ Good Morning

The President, Mr Kovelin Veramoothoo, his Executive, our Trustees and all Affiliates of the Tamil Federation of Gauteng wish to express our deepest and sincerest condolences on the loss of ANC stalwart, Uncle Isu Chiba.

With our country at a crossroads, between good and evil, the loss of Comrade Isu is all the more painful as he was a principled man, who stood up to the trashing of our country’s constitution, to those perpetrators, who should be
brought to book and also eradicated from every governmental structure that is compromising the freedom of the people of South Africa.

Comrade Isu lived his life with Integrity and every one of us should take a page out of his book to enhance the lives of others as he did. He fought side by side with Comrade Madiba, Comrade Sisulu , Comrade Kathrada and countless others, ensuring that we, the people of South Africa enjoyed the freedom that we enjoy today. In doing that he always showed brevity, discipline and great leadership. He became a mentor to many of us, spreading his knowledge and wisdom across communities. All these attributes contributed to his admirable, yet humble character.

To his family we say thank you for sharing Uncle Isu with us as the community and with the world. In doing that, you gave the South African people a chance to attain freedom, him being one of the cadres, instrumental in this
monumental achievement. We pray for our dear Lord to grant you peace, strength and courage to get through these dark days. May His guiding hand be with all of you for time immemorial.

We, the Tamil people, salute Uncle Isu Chiba, who was a Comrade, a father andan inspirational and motivational mentor, to many of us, within the Tamilcommunity, May his beloved soul rest in peace.

Kind regards, Vanakkam

Shree Bharat Sharda Mandi (SBSM)

A tribute to comrade lalloo isu chhibba: 1930-2017

honored guests, ahmed kathrada foundation, luxmiben and the chhiba family.

namaste, vanakkum, as salaam malekum, sawubona, and good afternoon to one and all.

It is indeed a privilege and honour to pay tribute to one of our own, comrade lalloo isu chhiba, on behalf of the shree bharat sharda mandir (sbsm), the united patidar society (tups) and the daya family.

Comrade lalloo chibba, an “iconic” leader of ourI community with whom we were all proudly associated with, and stalwart along with great leaders like tata madiba and ahmed kathrada, who ensured a better life for us all.

A man with a reconciliatory and forgiving nature, earned him the moral authority among our community, to the point where he was honoured as part of our flagship programme at sbsm, “to honour those who serve”, for his selfless commitment.

A man with great humbleness and humility and always approachable and willing to assist. a true leader indeed with no boundaries and went beyond.

Through his sacrifice, dedication, compassion, sense of forgiving and humility he offered a perfect solution which transformed our society which we enjoy today.

His life is an inspiration not only to south Africans, but to our youth and communities we live in, demonstrating our roots and victories, highlighting hope and faith for us all.

We have certainly lost a great leader in comrade isu and he will sorely be missed by us all

We salute you “comrade lalloo isu chibba” our grandfather, you will always be in our hearts and thoughts.

May your spirit rest in peace. your memory will live on in our hearts forever.

To luxmiben and the family, we express our deepest sympathy, may god be with you in this time of mourning and sorrow. may you find comfort and strength in each others’ love throughout this difficult time.

To us all, i say, the greatest compliment to comrade isu would be to keep his memory and legacy alive.



It was great sadness that we heard of Isu Chiba’s passing yesterday morning, 09 December 2017,  the angels were summoned to take our dear friend, comrade, brother and father to the heavens above. We thank God that his departure was quick, God Almighty made absolutely sure that she suffered the least amount of pain.He shared the same passion and vision of the great stalwarts likes of Nelson Mandela. Walter Sisulu and Ahmed Kathrada, and many of his comrades on Robben Islands where he spent 18 years.  His vision of a true, democratic, non-racial and equal South Africa, inspired us all. He toiled relentlessly to see the birth of a non-violent, truly democratic and prosperous South Africa. To this end he will remain a Hero of our nation.

Those of us from the Via Christi Community Church that had the opportunity of sharing even a few moments with him would have been blessed with memories of a dignified, respectful, honest, sincere, loving, caring, loyal and dedicated soul. All his utterances were laced with wisdom and knowledge. All his actions were commands from God. He was a man par excellence – simple yet divine, majestic and graceful, always smiling, always caring, always sharing. A man of integrity

It is with heavy hearts and tearful eyes that we bade farewell to this great soul. However in the midst of this sadness lies the beauty of the experience of sharing the life of Lallo Ïsu” Chiba. Thanks to wonderful people like him, our lives have changed for the better. You have left an indelible mark and on this country on all our lives.

Message  prepared by Niths Palani

Saaberie Chishty Society

On behalf of Saaberie Chishty Society we send our condolences to the Chiboo family , his comrades , friends at this difficult time .
The world mourns with you and celebrate the extraordinary life of this remarkable man who dedicated his entire life for the freedom of South Africa .

I recall earlier this year late Uncle Isoo Chiba receiving and award for both him self and his best friend at the Saaberie Chishty ambulance fundraising banquet.

When we reflect as an organization we so fortunate that we were able to acknowledge his efforts while he was with us .

Go in peace Uncle Issu
You will be missed

Congress of Business and Economics

To   the Chiba Family and members of the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation

On behalf of our President, the Board and committees of the Congress of Business and Economics we would like to express our heartfelt condolence  to the  Chiba family and colleagues of the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation on the death of Mr Laloo Chiba.

The Congress of Business and Economics is truly honoured to have known Mr Chiba, his gentle demeanour and wisdom will be sorely missed .We wish the family strength during this difficult time.

A true activist right till the end. Hamba Kahle Mkhonto


Shamsaan mourns the passing of Laloo Chiba, a gentle giant and an unassuming and selfless fighter for freedom. He set the best of all examples for South Africans and was an inspiration to many more across the world. Hamba Kahle Uncle Isu

Fordsburg United Football Club

We are deeply saddened by the loss of Mr. Isu Laloo Chiba, a true leader and a
humanitarian who gave his entire life to the liberation struggle of our country.Mr. Chiba was a gentle, humble soul who belonged to a generation who selflessly gave their lives fighting corruption, racial injustice and tyranny. The greatest honour we can bestow upon him is to continue upholding his values of integrity, honesty, simplicity and good ethics, which is sadly lacking at this time. On behalf of Fordsburg United Football Club, we wish to convey to the Laloo family our deepest condolences at this sad time. May his soul rest in eternal peace.
Yours in Sport
Mr. Dermesh Channa

Videovision Entertainment- ANANT SINGH

Dear Luxmi and the Chiba family,

It is with deep sadness that I learnt this morning of Laloo’s passing. I had a lovely conversation with him on Wednesday and sent him a video link to his phone of Kathy and Eddie on Robben Island earlier this year, where Eddie was singing a song that Laloo knew well.  Little did I expect that 48 hours later, he is no longer with us. He was an exceptional human being, an inspiration and role model to me.  My family and I are very thankful to have had him as a friend, always so loving, gentle and generous. We send you our love and prayers through these difficult days. Thank you for your support of him, especially through the dark days of apartheid, when no price was too high to him, for our freedom. I apologise that I am not going to be able to be with you tomorrow, as I’m heading to Cape Town to speak at Eddie’s funeral.  We will remember Laloo and Eddie together as they were both one of a kind and are now reunited with Kathy.



Parliament, Saturday 9 December 2017 – The Presiding Officers of Parliament, National Assembly Speaker Ms Baleka Mbete and National Council of Provinces Chairperson Ms Thandi Modise, are deeply saddened by the passing yesterday of struggle stalwart and former Member of Parliament Mr Laloo Chiba.

On behalf of Parliament, we offer our heartfelt condolences to Mr Chiba’s wife, Luxmi, his daughters and grandchildren and his comrades and friends.

Mr Chiba was elected as a Member of Parliament in South Africa’s first non-racial democratic election in 1994 and again in our 1999 election.This followed a life dedicated to the struggle against the apartheid government and for a non-racial, non-sexist democratic South Africa, as envisaged in our Constitution.

He was a member of the South African Communist Party, the Transvaal Indian Congress and a commander of uMkhonto we Sizwe. Together with Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Ahmed Kathrada and others, he was incarcerated on Robben Island. His imprisonment on the Island endured for 18 years.

After his release, he became a leader in the United Democratic Front, launched in Mitchell’s Plain Cape Town in August 1983, which united hundreds of anti-apartheid organisations in a mass movement for democracy and freedom.

After retiring from Parliament, Mr Chiba continued his lifelong dedication to entrenching the non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and prosperous society for which he had fought. At the time of his passing, he was also a board member of the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation.

While the passing of this veteran of our struggle for democracy leaves a painful void, it must serve as a reminder to rededicate ourselves to the ideals for which they stood.

Active Citizens Movement

The Active Citizens Movement notes with deep sadness the passing away of comrade Laloo’
Isu’ Chiba, a true revolutionary and stalwart of the struggle. Comrade Isu Chiba was part of a noble group of struggle veterans who served with humility and principled values and never sought material gain for their work or participation. It is truly sad that he leaves us at a time when activists of his calibre are much needed for their wisdom and guidance during challenging times.

Raymond Suttner has described Cde Chiba very appropriately, stating that “Comrade Isu is unselfish. He is what every communist is supposed to be, because it is not knowledge of Marx, Engels and Lenin that has made people like Yusuf Dadoo, Moses Kotane, Bram Fischer, Ruth First, Josie Palmer, Chris Hani, famous in our history. It is the quality of their lives, that they shared the sorrows and joys of others, that they recognised the difficulties of others and tried to assist even without being told, that make them people whose road we can follow.”

The ACM today dips its banner in recognition of a liberation hero who served South Africa with integrity to ensure and protect our hard won freedom. The ACM sends sincere condolences to his wife Luxmi, daughters, grandchildren and comrades as we bid farewell to a stalwart who will continue to inspire those who seek a just and fair South Africa.

The Kathrada Family 

The Kathrada family of Schweizer Reneke extends our heartfelt condolences to the Chiba family on the passing away of Uncle Laloo.

Uncle Laloo like the many of his generation “the old guard/  golden era comrades” served their country and people with humility, with pride and distinction. They were a rare and distinguished lot of individuals.  They were:  sefless, caring, humble, trustworthy, morally upright and above all incorruptible.

The Kathrada family salute this gallant leader who was unassuming yet great. This is the trait of a leader.
May his soul rest in peace. He leaves behind an admirably legacy – one that must be emmulated. We have no doubt in our mind that Uncle Kathy awaits to meet him with baited breath. Uncle Kathy is ready and waiting to meet him and lead him to his comrades in the A team.  A position he rightfully deserves.

May you find solace in these difficult days. Your family has produced a dynamic leader who has left an indelible mark in the history of our country.

The Kathrada family
Schweizer Reneke
Essop Kathrada
(Last surving brother of the late Ahmed Kathrada)

Graça Machel- Graca Machel Trust

To the family, friends and comrades of the late Isu ‘Laloo’ Chiba, I am deeply saddened to hear that Mr Chiba has passed away. I send my condolences to his dear wife, family, friends and comrades. South Africa has lost another patriot, stalwart of the struggle and friend of Nelson Mandela.

Most of Mr Chiba’s life was dedicated to the struggle against apartheid and the building of democracy. He was a member of a generation of leadership which shaped the country’s history in profound ways. As Madiba once said of his friend: “he was a stalwart colleague who proved a great asset.” We honour his many contributions, from the work he did in the very early years of MK to his many years of incarceration on Robben Island, from his distinguished service in Parliament to his unflagging support for the work of the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation. He will not be forgotten. We join with many in saying Hamba Kahle to an outstanding South African.

With sincere condolences

Afzal Moolla

For Comrade Laloo ‘Isu’ Chiba.
(1930 – 2017)
A giant has passed.

This cannot be a tribute, for no words will ever do justice to you, comrade and husband, father and brother, the truest son of the soil.You spent 18 years on that rock of infamy, together with your comrades, your sacrifice cannot be put into words.

Your complete dedication to the cause of freedom and of human emancipation is an eternal example of your commitment to the battle, to the struggle, to the fight you fought with all of your being, with your unyielding principles and values, against the abhorrent and criminal system of Apartheid.

You made a conscious decision when you were a young man to take up arms against the brutality of racial segregation and injustice.You nurtured the principles of internationalism and justice for all people, an example for us who remain, to never bend and to never bow, to never be cowed by power and injustice.

Your life and the example of your life is testament to the heights that human beings can attain, by standing tall in the face of callous savagery by a foe that wielded its power to dehumanise a people.You and your fellow comrades-in-arms ignited the flames of resistance, your bravery, your courage, your indomitable will a living example of how the edifice of tyranny can be razed to the ground.

Your sacrifice, as a husband, as a father, as a brother, as a grandfather cannot be overstated.It is often said that people give their all, and your life exemplifies this more than words could ever convey, for you were truly selfless in the very essence of the word.Your selflessness, your comradely spirit that flowed through your veins, your love for humanity, your vast intellect, your entire life cannot be celebrated in a few words. Your life, your example, transcends all words.

Now that you have passed on, the truest celebration of your life can only be achieved by picking up the standard, by seizing your baton to continue to work for all that you have taught us, and to honour and imbibe the raging fire that your remarkable life taught us, and shall always continue to teach us.

This cannot be a tribute, for no words will ever do justice to you, Comrade Isu, but the flame that burned so bright within you, the flame of justice for all, for a united people devoid of tribal, religious, sectarian and class divisions must be and shall be a shining reminder of what we as a people, united in a common cause, can achieve.

You may have passed, but the powerful example of your life lives on, and must live on, if we are to truly honour you and the sacrifices that you and your fellow comrades made, by giving your all in the service of humanity. A giant has passed, yes, but the giant shall remain hewn in our collective consciousness. Your flame shall never diminish, Comrade Laloo ‘Isu’ Chiba. You may have passed, yet you shall continue to live within us all.

May your soul rest in peace. Hamba Kahle, Qhawe lamaqhawe! Long live the spirit of Comrade Isu Chiba! The Struggle Continues!Amandla!

Mr Haroon Rashid Nosarka, Mr Mohamed Ismail (Boeti) Eshak and Mrs Fareeda Boda

Struggle veteran Isu Laloo Chiba, who was born in the year 1930 and passed away on 8th December 2017 was a unique individual .He was a loving husband and father to his supportive surviving wife Laxmi and beloved daughters and grandchildren and also a father to all of us.

No words can explain who Laloo Chiba was .He was an individual who gave unconditionally to the family, friends, community, ANC and country at large.

Chiba was a man of integrity. He also embodied qualities in his life that South Africans can draw on today to make meaningful contributions to building a peaceful, caring society, a society where all enjoy dignity and respect.

Being around him he won the hearts of many with his kindness and selfless Love especially to his family, and friends. He did not care for possessions and everything that was his was used for family, friends and comrades.

Famous words “Those we love and lose are always connected by heartstrings into infinity “.

Chiba, the profoundness of these works is true of how exceptional and unique you were to us and all South Africans. You nurtured us with the most unconditional honour and integrity and closeness imaginable, and proved to be a most valiant mentor anyone can wish for.  We will continue your legacy and bravery by giving each other the unreserved support which we were privileged to receive from you. It has left and indelible imprint on our lives which we will strive to uphold always. The moments and memories we shared with you will remain forever. Consequently, he never did anything that may have been followed by others, as an example, unless it was honourable and true to the convictions to which his life has been devoted.

The moments and memories we shared with you will remain forever. Your kindness to one and all, helpfulness you shared with us is beyond measure.

We pay tribute to you, but the most fitting words are these: ” It takes a colossal of a man to close his eyes so the family and all comrades can open theirs “. Laloo forever

You will be in our hearts.

May you Rest In Peace.


To the Chiba family and the AKF, which was more then a tender & cherished part of Laloo’s life. He has joined the departed cadres, who, just like him never, sold their values and their integrity. My family and I, wish to extend our deepest condolences to the Chiba family at their great loss. Do
remember, that we keep you in our thoughts and prayers. May his soul be granted everlasting peace and eternal rest.

Max and Elinor Sisulu

To Luxmi and family, the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, friends and comrades. It is with profound sadness that we send this message of condolence on the occasion of the passing of Comrade Laloo Chiba. We are so sorry that we cannot be with you at this solemn and blessed moment. We can safely speak on behalf of the entire Sisulu family when we say Cde Laloo was very close to our hearts. In reminiscing about Robben Island, Cde Kathrada would often say there was only one person more generous than Walter Sisulu and that was Isu Chiba. Or maybe it was the other way round.

Whatever the case, the generosity, dedication and selflessness of Cde Laloo was legendary. You would have to look long and hard to find someone who would have a bad word to say about him. He was truly a gift to the nation.

He was part of an extraordinary generation, members of which are departing this life at a rapid rate. Perhaps we should not be surprised that Cde Isu leaves us in the same year as our beloved Kathy. We are also sad to learn of the passing of Eddie Daniels a few weeks ago. They are all part of a generation that served this country and indeed the whole of humanity with distinction. The best we can do is to ensure that the light of their wisdom shines on future generations. Our thoughts are with you at this time.




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