The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation is deeply disgusted at the reported attack on an African couple by six white males.


A video surfaced on social media this week of the group of males attacking a man identified as Jacob Sono and his wife at a KFC drive-through based in Pretoria. This was after the couple allegedly asked the males to move forward in the drive-through.


The woman is heard repeatedly screaming in the video as the men attack them. It is reported that four of the six men have been arrested.


The Foundation’s Director Neeshan Balton said that he was ‘disgusted’ at the attack. “The racial dynamics in this incident are glaring. It is deeply troubling that people have not learnt the lessons from the Spur incident. In this case, the six white men appear to have taken objection to being asked to move forward in the drive-through lane. There can be no justification for their vile racism and aggression. What is further distressing, is that this group had no qualms about beating up a woman – something reflective of the patriarchal values that are still entrenched in society.”


“We are calling on law enforcement agencies to ensure that further arrests are made and that the attackers are brought to justice speedily,” Balton said.


He added that the past few weeks have seen a litany of racial incidents in different settings. “Schools and communities, workplaces and social media, as well as public platforms are increasingly places of racial contestation and tension. This must be seen within the context of an increasingly unstable socio-political and economic situation, which should be a cause for concern.


“It is an indication that we must step up our efforts in campaigning against racism, as well as finalising the implementation of the country’s National Action Plan to combat racial discrimination. This must be accompanied with a set of tools and measures to deal with instances of this nature.


“Each incident of this nature drags us further away from a country envisaged in the Freedom Charter and the Constitution of South Africa. It should also highlight the magnitude of work that needs to be done by all who cherish the ideal of a non-racial country. At its core must be a concerted anti-racism programme that tackles racism at all levels,” Balton said.



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