Ahmed Kathrada Foundation youth clubs aim to get young people actively involved in addressing social, environmental & political issues in their communities.

“Remember that no struggle in any part of the world was won in the drawing rooms and conference tables…we must at all times know that, as with the struggles of all peoples, the main brunt will have to be borne by the youth”
Ahmed Kathrada


  • To create safe spaces where young people in the community can discuss, debate and learn about contemporary issues.
  • To organise youth towards community/social change by means of campaigning, hosting events and stakeholders.
  • To develop an active citizenry focused on sustainable development and upliftment of their communities.
  • To promote the values and principles of Ahmed Kathrada, The Freedom Charter and The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.


The youth clubs will serve as a tool for young people to be progressive active citizens who, through an Education & Training programme are equipped with the required skill base, information and knowledge to successfully address social justice issues in their communities and around the world.


A non-racial, non-sexist, equal and just South Africa. Communities that can harness the full potential of their youth to contribute to greater community change.

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Youth at Ahmed Kathrada Foundation
Youth at Ahmed Kathrada Foundation
Today, together with @sunnyboymorgan, we conducted a workshop on the 24 hours of climate reality with SANParks youth, young eco-activists Lenasia & Ahmed Kathrada Foundation youth!

Together, we can create a climate conscious society.

For more information, visit:

Youth at Ahmed Kathrada Foundation
Youth at Ahmed Kathrada Foundation
Young people are remarkable & together, they are unstoppable!

You can make a difference by simply signing up to join or start a youth club in your community!

For more information & to sign up to make a difference visit:

We look forward to making a positive impact with you!

Youth at Ahmed Kathrada Foundation
Youth at Ahmed Kathrada Foundation
A shout out to our friends at the Boys and Girls Club South Africa 😊✊🏾

Our youth team dropped off some Kathrada workbooks for their members.

Young people continue to inspire us! 💚

Youth at Ahmed Kathrada Foundation
Youth at Ahmed Kathrada Foundation
Some of our members in the Lenasia South club were out this week assisting primary school learners

With many children now back at school to finish the academic year, the club members wanted to assist learners cross the busy roads taken to get to school

Youth at Ahmed Kathrada Foundation
Youth at Ahmed Kathrada Foundation
Give young women a fair opportunity by helping us provide sanitary pads to those in need.

You can make a difference by donating to the cause here:




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In pursuing its core objective
of deepening non-racialism,
the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation

Promote the values, rights
and principles enshrined in the
Freedom Charter and the
Constitution of the
Republic of South Africa;

Collect, record, promote and
display, through historical
artefacts and contemporary


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